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Christmas Number One in UK and Worldwide

Colin Graham

Composer, Songwriter, Arranger, Lyricist, Guitarist, Founding member of the Warm Hearts Collective


Christmas Number One in UK and Worldwide

John Graham

Project Warm Hearts Director 
Warm Hearts Collective


John Graham, Project Warm Hearts Director

John remembers when Colin, his son and writer of Warm Hearts, played him for the first time, a song entitled “Out of Everywhere” and at that moment, he knew that he was a seriously talented song writer. 

In November 2018, Colin had a lava-esque outpouring of new material, one of which was ‘Warm Hearts’. Convinced of the quality of the song, they made a decision to record, promote, finance and release Warm Hearts completely independently, and, if they made a hit record then that would provide a launch pad for this collection of songs to be heard by the world.

Now would be a good time to introduce John. He is a 63 year old retired engineer and now, budding Guitar maker, who is pouring his warm heart into making ‘Warm Hearts’ a hit. He has two children and four grandchildren, and is managing this project.

Now, not being stupid, he realises that there are significant challenges ahead to make Warm Hearts a Christmas Hit, a Christmas number one, not the least of which is the seemingly insurmountable edifice that is the Music Industry, let’s call them the titans.

He knows that a titanic battle lies ahead and sometimes, he freely admits that he gets a little bit daunted and then he remembers what they have:

  • An original song called ‘Warm Hearts’ that can be likened to the great Christmas songs of the 80s although with a modern twist.
  • A small but motivated team of creative people working together who are pouring all their energies into making Warm Hearts this year’s Christmas number one. 

Now they know they are shooting for the stars and they all understand, to have a chance they need your help so he leaves you with these thoughts:

I am only
The father of the writer
In-law of a singer
Grandad of the other singer too
I’m not all things to all men
But with your help we can beat them
THEM being the TITANS of Music
That’s who. Thank you.


Colin Graham, Composer, Songwriter, Arranger, Lyricist, Guitarist

Colin is an English teacher during the day, but a dad and a songwriter at all times. Colin has over twenty years’ experience performing his own songs and covers in a host of venues. He is passionate about writing melodies, lyrics and music production and has created countless ‘must be heard songs’. He has a back-catalogue of over seventy songs in different styles ready to be recorded for an array of projects and is always looking for inspiration.

Colin enjoys all things creative. He is committed to working with good people who want to make great music. It is this ethos that has led Colin to work with family, friends, his former pupil, Robert McLaughlin and his band Shorthouse and Gracenote Studios as an ensemble (The Warm Hearts Collective), to bring his Christmas song ‘Warm Hearts’ to life. In the future, Colin intends to collaborate with Shorthouse on their first album and with other artists who wish to showcase his extensive song catalogue.


Robert McLaughlin

Lead Guitar, Arranger, Lead Singer in Band Shorthouse, Member of the Warm Hearts Collective.

Dominic Hardy

Producer, Sound Engineer, Percussionist in Band Shorthouse, Member of the Warm Hearts Collective.


Robert McLaughlin, Lead Guitar, Arranger, Lead Singer in Band Shorthouse

At the age of 12, and after dabbling with different instruments, Rob decided on playing the guitar. Over the last five years, and at the tender age of 17, Rob has toured Scotland in a rock group, played in numerous Jazz groups, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and performed at a number of various functions.

Finishing High School this year, Rob has accepted one of only four places out of 6000 applicants for Napier University’s Popular Music degree.

During this time Rob has also been involved in a lot of studio/session work. This has served him well as an integral part of the production team with Colin, Elaine and Dom for Warm Hearts and The Warm Hearts Collective. The teamwork, partnership and friendship established while working together in the studio will only become stronger as we begin our next project – Shorthouse.


Dominic Hardy, Producer, Sound Engineer, Percussionist in Band Shorthouse

Dominic was born to be a musician.  Discovering his passion for all things “percussive” at the age of 16. Dom has years’ worth of professional performance work with dozens of ensembles. From jazz and electro folk pop to straight up classic rock/metal, his influences are vast and his style chameleonic!

Dom is also a seasoned producer & studio engineer, having produced dozens of productions over the past decade. His works have received major radio play with the BBC & other media broadcasts/publications.

Dominic has recently formed a production partnership with Colin, Rob & Elaine for the Shorthouse project  and on this ensemble The Warm Hearts Collective and plans to continue writing, producing and performing new material for keen ears across the country!


Christmas Number One in UK and Worldwide

Charlotte Ronald

Guest Vocalist on Warm Hearts Christmas Single. Singer in The Warm Hearts Collective.

Christmas Number One in UK and Worldwide

Elaine Shorthouse

Keyboards in Band Shorthouse and member of The Warm Hearts Collective.


Charlotte Ronald, Guest Vocalist on Warm Hearts Christmas Single

Charlotte is the voice of Warm Hearts, and the voice of Christmas 2019. By day Charlotte is a pupil support assistant, supporting children with additional needs in a small school. She has two children, one of them Sam, who provides the finale to Warm Hearts.

Having been the event co-ordinator for her school for the last nine years, she realised that she needed to find a release for her own creative spark. This has been in her since the beginning; as soon as she could talk as a child, she was singing and performing. Charlotte soon spent many of her childhood years involved in amateur dramatics and school shows, and this musical voice has been itching to get out ever since.

Providing the unique voice of the Warm Hearts journey and a central focus of The Warm Hearts Collective ensemble has given Charlotte the perfect opportunity to release those aforementioned creative juices. Charlotte has always been fascinated by the creative process of song writing and production and she will bring those talents to bear in future collaborations with Shorthouse.


Elaine Shorthouse, Keyboards in Band Shorthouse

Elaine’s passion is music. She began her professional career playing solo as a pianist and singer travelling all over Scotland and England. Eventually, she formed her own trio entertaining crowds all over the world.

Being versatile in musical style has given her many opportunities and she has: taught piano, worked as a Church organist, directed musicals for a theatre Company, played as a member of an Americana/Country band Hurricane Road who in turn supported Nazareth, played at the C2C (Country to Country) in the 02 arena and featured on numerous radio stations around the globe.

She enjoys the friendship and fun as part of the Warm Hearts Collective production team and is looking forward to the future with them in the next endeavour, Shorthouse.


Claire Guckian

Media, Press and Marketing Manager 
Warm Hearts Collective

Grace Graham

Marketing and Promotions Assistant 


 Claire Guckian, Media, Press and Marketing Manager

The dictionary definition of a ‘Polymath’ is: ‘a person of wide knowledge and learning’, but they could just as well have written, ‘Claire Guckian’.

The Warm Hearts team owe a huge debt to Claire as she has advised, devised, implemented and managed the Social Media and Warm Hearts Marketing campaign from the outset.

Claire has worked previously for 6 years in Broadcast Media in Content Acquisitions, Programming and Promotions. We should also mention her experience in Sales and Business Development in multiple sectors including HR and Recruitment, Retail, Hospitality and the Third sector. It is from this that you begin to understand why the Warm Hearts team have to pinch themselves sometimes. She has literally grasped the task that is to take a bunch of unknowns and grow them in stature across all social media platforms to achieve this year’s Christmas number one.

On top of all that Claire is a fiancé and mother, and is currently training to be a nurse all whilst working for the NHS. On top of all that has been mentioned earlier, she sings in the local theatre group Forth Dimension and is an enthusiastic Scout leader in South Queensferry. Claire’s love of music and her very good friendship with Colin and Charlotte make her the perfect fit for the promotion of Warm Hearts. Most importantly, she is the world’s biggest fan of a man called Gary Barlow!

Being passionate about promoting opportunities for young people, everyone in the team knows that Claire is dedicated to getting Warm Hearts to Christmas number one and we all appreciate how lucky we are to have her on the team.


Grace Graham, Marketing and Promotions Assistant

Grace Graham is the mother of the songwriter, granny and mother-in-law of two of the singers – so to say that she is not biased would be a big fat lie!

Her job on the Warm Heart Christmas campaign is to be a mixture of Katie Morag’s Mainland and Island grannies and Edina Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous. She gets stuck right in with her walking boots and midgie veil whilst wearing her favourite bright orange lipstick, a gin cocktail in one hand and a walking pole in the other!

In her previous life she was an IT trainer, business owner and Assistant Marketing Manager. Now she is retired and working harder than ever before to bring this beautiful family Christmas song to the ears of the world. She is Warm Hearts personified!


Heather McNamee

Promotions Assistant 

Jane McGill

Promotions Assistant 


Heather McNamee, Promotions Assistant

Heather is another member of the Warm Hearts promotions team and loves to get stuck in helping the team, as we work towards making Warm Hearts a Christmas number one. Her role is to assist with promotions, and all of us here at Warm Hearts, appreciate her commitment to the cause!


Jane McGill, Promotions Assistant

Jane is auntie to the songwriter Colin, best friend of Grace and generally the sensible one of the outfit.

To describe her in a few words, would be to say that Jane is the Patsy to Grace’s Edina so if you have never watched Absolutely Fabulous, you’ll be none the wiser…which may be a good thing.

Jane is delighted to be a part of this amazing project and very proud of this song.


HIT Scotland

We at Warm Hearts, are really excited to be partnered with HIT Scotland, and we thought it appropriate to tell you something about HIT’S Mission in life. 

Established by the industry leaders of the time in 1994, the charity has gone from strength to strength to support literally tens of thousands of people working and studying in the hospitality industry in Scotland. The charity aims to broaden people’s skills and experience by taking advantage of a tailored learning experience offered through the HIT scholarship programme. 

These unique awards are made possible by extensive support from all sectors of the industry who primarily donate funding through attendance at events or through individual donations and corporate sponsorship. 

What makes HIT Scotland so unique is the spirit of its brand which, in so many ways, reflect the unique spirit of the hospitality industry itself in Scotland. It is one of its kind as an industry led collaboration and attracts many industry colleagues, at every level, to give their time and other resources in support and to ‘give back’. 

For more information about HIT Scotland, please visit:

HIT Scotland
HIT Scotland
 HIT Scotland
 HIT Scotland

Christmas Number One in UK and Worldwide

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