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Join the "YOUR VOICE" Campaign to Make Warm Hearts a Christmas Number One




What You Can Do?

If you want to get even more involved…Which we hope you will, then come and join us on this exciting journey to Christmas number one. We have three fantastic ways for you to get involved. 


1. How "Your Voice" Can Be Featured on This Year’s Christmas Single

If you, you and your family or you with your friends take a video of you singing the chorus to our song (chorus sample to the right), we will endeavour to feature your voice(s) on a recorded remixed version layered with your vocals, which will then be able to be downloaded* just after Christmas 2019. Simply send your recording to to join us. 

If you are in a choir, singing group or band and want to get further involved, similarly we would love to receive your full versions of our song. We welcome original versions, varied arrangements, altered stylistic creativity and everything and more... If you are interested in this element of the campaign then please email to get more information and a specialist choir or schools pack can be provided. 

*The bonus vocal remix version will only be available to those who have purchased the Warm Hearts original Christmas single from Bandcamp. Successful submissions will result in the remix track being available for Download via Bandcamp only. One download per original purchase applies.

Full T&C Apply and are available freely through our Facebook Campaign Page and on all submission of your recording to our mailbox.

Warm Hearts Christmas Chorus 

Christmas Number One in UK and Worldwide 


2. “We Are Warm Hearts” 

If you are worried about singing, don’t be! We will be getting as many people from all over the world to just send us just a 5 second clip of them saying or speaking the following phrases: 
“We are Warm Hearts”  “Warm Hearts are glowing” or simply "Warm Hearts Christmas" 
This can be in any language and can be filmed anywhere, from your living room to the Grand Canyon.



3. Post a Picture like the One on Our Profile 

When sharing photos on social media, all that we ask is that you use the following hashtags to identify us:

#warmheartschristmas  #wearewarmhearts  #warmhearts  #warmheartsxmas2019 



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On  Facebook, follow us and post your pictures and videos there, under Warm Hearts Christmas

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So please join us as we try to get to Christmas number one.
Let’s spread some Warm Hearts joy, let’s give some money to good causes and let’s share our journey together. 

If you believe you can make it happen. 

If you share it with someone, you will make it happen. 




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 Christmas Number One in UK and Worldwide