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Warm Hearts Christmas
Follow Our Journey to Christmas Number One This Year! 

‘Warm Hearts’ is the name of our Christmas song which we have released just in time for the 2019 Christmas Chart Countdown. Our mission; and yours - should you choose to join us, is to help get this beautiful song to Christmas number one whilst raising much needed funds for selected charities important to us. 
Over the coming months, we want to share every part of this worthy project with you, and our social media, blog and this website will document our intrepid online journey to attempt to reach the coveted number one position in our beloved Christmas charts. 

Behind every great song is an even more fascinating story as to the creation and evolution of its being. We will be telling that exciting, story – The Song, The Past, The Present, The Future and The Warm Hearts Campaign and Community, and we hope it excites you enough, to accompany us on this beautiful journey. 
We want to make this a different type of campaign, we are seeking to share not only a beautifully written song with the world. We also hope to get as many people involved as we can in the true “Spirit of Christmas” which is the central theme to the song itself. 

Our "Your Voice" campaign adds a special and we believe unique opportunity for you to get involved this Christmas in 2019. We would love you to record yourself singing our Warm Hearts Chorus and then send it to our dedicated Your Voice mailbox ( We will then feature your voice in a special post-Christmas remix of the track.

We also welcome choirs, musicians, bands and musical groups from all walks of life to record their own version or interpretation of our song to be featured on our YouTube Channel.

* Bonus vocal remix version only available to those who purchase the original song on Bandcamp. T&C apply 





'We Are Warm Hearts' 

We already have a truly wonderful team in place, and you will discover much more about them and in more significant detail in the coming days and weeks. We all share the same dream and are similarly passionate about not only the song but raising funds for charity. Furthermore, we want to help promote musicianship and encourage young songwriters all over the country. We want people to create their own compositions and be brave enough to promote them, play them and share them with others to enjoy, and above all believe in their talent. 
So how can you help? Well, there are many ways you can get involved and get us to Christmas number one. Fortunately, they are just a click of a button away.

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Buy It and Stream It Here... 


Christmas Number One in UK and Worldwide


Christmas Number One in UK and Worldwide




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